Accademia delle Imprese Europea was born on 1 October 2007 as a free, non-partisan, non-profit association, operating in Italy and Europe, and exercises and disseminates, as a priority, the policies of social inclusion and work promotes integrated territorial marketing actions, activates processes linked to the educational, economic and cultural growth of small and medium-sized enterprises, pays attention to the protection and safeguarding of the environment and biodiversity, and works to enhance the Italian cultural, historical and productive heritage. 

Our goal is to initiate and consolidate the confrontation between producers and institutions to recover the sense of protection of territorial identities and bring out the elements of strength and also critical issues of the territory and of those who work in the territory.
To do this, we need to know who we are, and starting from this awareness, act together, network, because “working together, collaborating” makes it possible to combine the structural advantages of small businesses with those of large organizations in terms of economies of scale, research, development, and especially human resources.

The passion and commitment we put into cooperating with local authorities have been decisive in the creation of the Area Brand of territorial identity which links the territory to identities, characteristics, culture and traditions; and the traceability mark P.I.T. which allows you to enhance some processes aimed at preserving the origins and history.
More than ever, we need to rediscover a sense of belonging to our places, we must reappropriate the territory, because it is ours and we build it.